ClearOne Advantage - Scam, Complaint, Review or Compliment? (2023)

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  • Was it easy to communicate with the company before or after becoming a customer?
  • Did the company respond promptly to your communications?
  • What fees were charged for the services you received?
  • Did the company give you the terms and conditions of the program you were interested in before you gave them personal information?
  • Was the program successful for you and did you achieve the goals you set for yourself when you started the program?
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ClearOne Advantage - Scam, Complaint, Review or Compliment? (1)

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ClearOne Advantage - Scam, Complaint, Review or Compliment? (2)

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18 thoughts on “ClearOne Advantage: Scam, Complaint, Review or Praise?”

  1. So far, so good. You are paying one of my debts.


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  2. I am currently trying to get my money back from Clear One. I decided to cancel with them before the 4 months were up in which they said I could and would receive a full refund. They had only dealt with one of my creditors in a three month period. A payment was supposed to go to this particular creditor, but I called one and told him to cancel that payment as there was no way he could continue with the program. They assured me that the payment would not be made but it was. I was then told that the rest of my money would be in my bank on Wednesday 2nd September. It is now Thursday, September 3. Not only that, the money ran out and they said global customer solutions took it for fees. Global said, sure, my money was taken. I have been on the phone for hours talking to both companies and now I am waiting for another call from Clear One. This company is a huge scam. I wrote to the BBB with my complaint. BEWARE!!! Also his fee for me was $7,000.00. All I can say is that I'm the stupid one for trusting this company even though I guess I didn't research them well enough. I will continue to fight to get my money back.


    • Hi Susan! My name is Juan Cepeda License #TP20751. I have over 20 years of experience in all forms of debt relief. I'm sorry to hear about your situation with Clear One. I help consumers get out of these programs by referring them to a debt resolution program. This is superior to any other service out there. No security deposit. Legal protection with a consumer defense attorney.


  3. I have received "mystery" job offers from this company and I am not sure if I should go to my interview because of what I see here about it. I agree with most of the bad reviews here. To me it sounds like I'm being "trained" to be an "evil" employee who doesn't respect anyone's privacy and just steals their money etc. ~sigh.~


    • I'm an employee here and it's a great place to work, you should never judge a place by what other people think, we try really hard to help everyone, Jessie, if I may say so, these jobs are short and few come and I've been working here for a while and i wouldn't give a damn, you should check it out for yourself and not listen to what other people say before you see it first hand.


      • The above post speaks volumes about the type of person you deal with at this company. It reads like it was written by a slow sixth grader.

        Clear One's goal is to get you to stop making payments on your unsecured debt (regardless of your current credit rating) so they can "negotiate" a settlement amount once the account is collected. Literally anyone can negotiate a deal once they get into the collections. They don't have any special skills other than convincing people to stop making payments so they can withdraw from the account.

        The fact that the CEO was nominated for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year is absolutely ridiculous.

        Clear One is a disgusting sham company and you're a fucking idiot if you use it.

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        • You obviously don't know anything about the process. Just a bitter, sad, miserable person. I'd also like to add arrogant and pretentious... I bet if they explained it to a sixth grader, they'd understand it better than you, plus they wouldn't have the foul mouth and jealous attitude you do. just say =]


        • I agree with you.


          • Credit card companies can sue you in some states. If they wait 20 months for you not to pay. Your debt is worse. Who receives the money you send. Sure one. So you still have two years of bad credit.

        • Anyone CAN try to settle with a creditor, but these people do it all day. It would take me 10 years to get out of debt on my own at this point and consolidate my payments and significantly reduce my debt (which I don't have the time or energy to do myself), I'm still saving almost 10,000 even with possible tax consequences. And all this in 3 years. My CPA doesn't think I'm an idiot.


  4. My husband has a clear advantage. I think they froze your account because during the negotiation process they said you can't use the credit card you have to reduce the debt. that makes sense, right? they freeze interest... sounds good to us. My husband got a 35% interest-free discount once his account was frozen. We pay for 2 years….


  5. After leaving ClearOne Advantage because she wasn't getting the help she needed. Guess what, the money I saved was transferred to my bank account. You already knew my check was garnished. They told Global to mail the check to my bank, but I asked Global to mail the check to my address. ClearOne said they had not given Global permission. But Global said that ClearOne does. That was the money for my rent and other bills. ClearOne is not a good company. They always say they will pass your information on to their lawyers. At ClearOne, all the lawyers are really there. It is to be believed for the service rendered to me. Many problems are getting worse every day.


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  6. This company did not do me justice. I could have done it all by myself. Stop paying my credit card and save money in a bank account. I needed to save money in my bank account. Get more money, get more money. You should have known that I didn't have a lot of money at the beginning. Otherwise I wouldn't have needed your help with the bill. They didn't help me at all with the negotiations when I said I could come up with the money. It was too late because my bank account was blocked. Since my first court appearance, they have never attempted to call One Main's attorneys. One Main's lawyers told me to contact them. To solve something, they said that they have to do this to solve something for my well-being. Just OneMain Wellness and Clear One Advantage. I will never receive help from these people again. It didn't help me at all. Watch and you'll see what a big mess I'm in right now. Incredible!!!



    • you could cancel your contract and do business with your credit cards yourself


  7. I have no idea what you're talking about, Leslie, I'm enrolled in a program with a definite edge. I've only been in the program for about 4 months and they already settled one of my accounts. The fees I pay in my program are only paid after the account is settled. I would absolutely recommend your program to anyone looking for a settlement program.


  8. I have no idea what you're talking about, Leslie, I'm enrolled in a program with a definite edge. I've only been in the program for about 4 months and they already settled one of my accounts. The fees I pay in my program are only paid after the account is settled. I would absolutely recommend your program to anyone looking for a settlement program.


  9. Clear One Advantage is a scam with totally unprofessional and unavailable rude staff. They only contact their credit card companies after 20 months in which they have "cashed in their fees" and established an out-of-pocket line of credit... which is actually a code for them to pocket your money. Better call your credit card companies yourself. Be careful.


  10. Clear One Advantage is a scam with totally unprofessional and unavailable rude staff. They only contact their credit card companies after 20 months in which they have "cashed in their fees" and established an out-of-pocket line of credit... which is actually a code for them to pocket your money. Better call your credit card companies yourself. Be careful.


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Can I get my money back from ClearOne Advantage? ›

If you are not fully satisfied regarding any aspect of your settlement program and notify us within 30-days of signing this Agreement, you will be entitled to receive all funds in your account plus a full refund of all settlement fees paid to ClearOne Advantage, LLC and your program will be terminated.

Why is ClearOne Advantage calling me? ›

ClearOne Advantage routinely makes unsolicited calls to consumers to market supposed debt relief services. Often times, the recipients of these calls do not even have debt. ClearOne Advantage will often begin telephone calls by asking for the name of an individual who is not the actual recipient of the call.

How do I get out of ClearOne Advantage? ›

You can add or remove an account from your program by contacting our Customer Loyalty Group at 888-768-4767 or by emailing or you can go to your Client Portal Website and submit a request under the Customer Service Tab.

What kind of company is ClearOne Advantage? ›

ClearOne Advantage, LLC provides credit counseling services. The Company offers debt relief, credit counseling, bankruptcy, and consolidation solutions. ClearOne Advantage serves clients in the United States.

How long has ClearOne Advantage been in business? ›

Since 2008, we've helped thousands of clients resolve large credit card bills and other unsecured debts – all without upfront fees or the need for personal bankruptcy.

Who is the CEO of ClearOne Advantage? ›

Tomas Gordon founded ClearOne Advantage with the mission to help people find financial freedom. He brings more than 20 years of experience in executive management, board and investor relations, financial management, and business development to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Should I ignore debt collectors call? ›

Ignoring debt collection calls may make things easier for a while, but it won't make the problem disappear. Your debt situation could snowball and potentially turn into a bigger issue down the road. Your credit score could take a hit if you repeatedly ignore calls from debt collection agencies.

Is ClearOne Advantage good? ›

Are you wondering if Clear One Advantage is legit? According to Finder, the short answer is yes. The company is accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators(IAPDA) and the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC).

Why are debt collectors calling me when I have no debt? ›

It is not uncommon today for people to be pursued by debt collectors for money they don't owe. This occurs for several reasons: the original creditor may have made an accounting error, you may be a victim of identity theft, or the creditor may have found the wrong person with a similar name.

How much does ClearOne Advantage pay sales reps? ›

Clearone Advantage pays an average hourly rate of $569 and hourly wages range from a low of $505 to a high of $642. Individual pay rates will, of course, vary depending on the job, department, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee.

Does debt relief destroy credit? ›

Does National Debt Relief ruin your credit? National Debt Relief doesn't “ruin” your credit, but the debt settlement process could cause you to take a credit hit. Part of any debt settlement program often involves ceasing payments to creditors.

How do I wipe my debt clean? ›

Ways to clear your debt
  1. Informally negotiated arrangement.
  2. Free debt management plan (DMP )
  3. Individual voluntary arrangement (IVA)
  4. Bankruptcy.
  5. Debt relief order (DRO)
  6. Administration order.
  7. Debt consolidation and credit.
  8. Full and final settlement offer.

How many employees does ClearOne Advantage have? ›

ClearOne Advantage corporate office is located in 1501 S Clinton St Ste 320, Baltimore, Maryland, 21224, United States and has 402 employees.

Does settling a collection help your credit? ›

Ideally, credit bureaus want to see the words “paid in full” next to your outstanding debts. But this won't be an option if you settle. Settling your debt will hurt your credit and result in a lower score than if you'd paid your debt in its entirety.

What is ClearOne phone number? ›

Phone: 1-801-975-7200.

What does clear one do? ›

At ClearOne, we work with you to create a custom, confidential debt relief plan you can afford. Our certified debt specialists negotiate lower final payment amounts with creditors, so you can pay back a reasonable portion of your bills – at a level we know they will accept.

Who consolidates debt? ›

Banks, credit unions, and installment loan lenders may offer debt consolidation loans. These loans convert many of your debts into one loan payment, simplifying how many payments you have to make. These offers also might be for lower interest rates than what you're currently paying.

Who are ClearOne Advantage competitors? ›

ClearOne Advantage top competitors include: Accredited Debt Relief LLC, Americor Inc, Debt Reduction Services Inc, Rescue One Financial Who is the CEO of ClearOne Advantage?

Who owns clear one? ›

Heights Capital Management, Inc.

Who owns debt com? ›

Howard Dvorkin

Howard is a CPA, serial entrepreneur, a two-time author, personal finance contributor to Forbes and, and is the Chairman of

What is the 11 word phrase to stop debt collectors? ›

Summary: “Please cease and desist all calls and contact with me, immediately.” These are 11 words that can stop debt collectors in their tracks. If you're being sued by a debt collector, SoloSuit can help you respond and win in court.

What happens if you just ignore debt collectors? ›

You will probably be sued

If you continue to ignore communicating with the debt collector, they will likely file a collections lawsuit against you in court. If you are served with a lawsuit and ignore this court filing, the debt collection company will be able to get a default judgment against you.

What happens if you dont answer collections? ›

If you get a summons notifying you that a debt collector is suing you, don't ignore it. If you do, the collector may be able to get a default judgment against you (that is, the court enters judgment in the collector's favor because you didn't respond to defend yourself) and garnish your wages and bank account.

Is it best to pay the collection agency? ›

It's always a good idea to pay collection debts you legitimately owe. Paying or settling collections will end the harassing phone calls and collection letters, and it will prevent the debt collector from suing you.

Does Collection affect your credit score? ›

Unfortunately, a debt in collections is one of the most serious negative items that can appear on credit reports because it means the original creditor has written off the debt completely. So when a debt is sent to collections, it can have a severe impact on your credit scores.

How much does accredited debt relief cost? ›

Cost. Accredited Debt Relief charges its clients 15% to 25% of enrolled debts once a settlement is reached. This fee percentage range is on par with industry averages. Also know that you won't be asked to pay any fees until each of your debts is settled.

How can you tell if a collection call is real? ›

Ask the caller for a name, company, street address, telephone number, and professional license number. Many states require debt collectors to be licensed. Check the information the caller provides you with your state attorney general . Your state regulator may be of assistance if your state licenses debt collectors.

What not to say to debt collectors? ›

What Not to Do When a Debt Collector Calls
  • Don't Give a Collector Your Personal Financial Information. ...
  • Don't Make a "Good Faith" Payment. ...
  • Don't Make Promises or Admit the Debt is Valid. ...
  • Don't Lose Your Temper.

How many times a day can a debt collector call you before it's harassment? ›

According to the FDCPA, a debt collector cannot call a debtor more than once per day for each debt. This means that if you only have one outstanding debt, then your debt collector is only allowed to call you one time per day.

Can I get my money back from a debt settlement company? ›

The money you pay into a settlement account is yours! Money that a debt settlement company asks you to set aside in an “escrow” or “settlement” account belongs to you. You may cancel the account at any time, and the escrow company must refund all of your money minus any fees the settlement company legally earned.

Will Capital One Give me my money back? ›

To get a Capital One refund for a purchase, first contact the merchant you originally made the purchase from and ask them for a refund. If the merchant agrees, they will contact Capital One and the bank will credit the purchase amount to your credit card account. You can also dispute charges through Capital One itself.

Can debt collection be reversed? ›

Typically, the only way to remove a collection account from your credit reports is by disputing it. But if the collection is legitimate, even if it's paid, it'll likely only be removed once the credit bureaus are required to do so by law.

Does the government have a debt relief program? ›

To qualify for National Debt Relief's settlement program, there are a few factors at play. You must owe more than $7500 in debt and be at least several months behind on payments. You must also be able to make monthly payments to National Debt Relief at an agreed-upon rate.

Do creditors ever forgive debt? ›

Most credit card companies are unlikely to forgive all your credit card debt, but they do occasionally accept a smaller amount in settlement of the balance due and forgive the rest. The credit card company might write off your debt, but this doesn't get rid of the debt—it's often sold to a collector.

Can you negotiate debt after being sued? ›

Summary: Yes, you can settle after service. The best way to settle a debt lawsuit is first to file a response, then contact the otherside and make an offer.

How much will each person get from the Capital One settlement? ›

If you spent money to deal with fraud or identity theft that you believe was fairly traceable to the Data Breach or to protect yourself from future harm as a result of the Data Breach, then you could have submitted a claim for reimbursement up to $25,000 (including your claim for Lost Time).

What's going on with Capital One lawsuit? ›

The Order and Judgment Granting Final Approval of Class Action Settlement was granted on September 13, 2022. The deadline to file a claim for Lost Time or Out-of-Pocket Losses was September 30, 2022. Class Members who submitted a claim requesting the Identity Defense Services were emailed instructions on how to enroll.

How long does Capital One investigation take? ›

It can take up to 90 days for Capital One to resolve a dispute with the merchant. When you file a dispute, we may provide a temporary credit on your credit card account for the disputed amount. We might also place a hold on your available credit for the same amount.


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