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As an online entrepreneur, you want an all-in-one tool to manage your website analytics, improve its performance, and identify ways to increase it.

you are considering Backand I want a detailDownload reviewwho will explore the tool from all angles so you can decide if it's right for you.

That is what this copy is about, since I will help you make that decision by analyzing your characteristics in detail.

Also, interface, integration, pricing, customer support, and other key features to look out for in an SEO analytics and reporting tool.

What is Diib?

Just put,BackIs one ofSEO analysis and reporting toolsThey pride themselves on providing a reliable estimate of your site's performance and growth.

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With it, you can easily automate your SEO, benchmark your performance against the competition in minutes. It works with more than 100 platforms in 160 countries.

Unlike other SEO reporting and analysis tools that bore you with computer language, Diib tells you in plain language what is happening with your website. More than 150,000 companies trust Diib to analyze their website.

How does DIB work?

Simply connect your site to Diib and within minutes it will return the details of what is happening with your site and practical steps to improve performance.

Want to get straight to the point? Here's a summary of Diib's review:

Diib has a clean and easy to use interface. You don't need to be tech savvy or have prior knowledge of SEO to use the tool.

Their dashboard is well designed and easy to navigate. It works with more than 100 additional services. When it comes to pricing, it is cost-effective as its pro plan only costs$29/mesAlso, it offers a free plan.

One can rely on their SEO resources for accurate SEO metrics and other practical steps that can improve a website's performance.

However, all software has a downside and Diib is no exception. For example, your backlink analysis does not indicate whether a link is do-follow or no-follow.

(Video) Diib Overview & Product Demo

A feature that Ahrefs has. Also, it does not eliminate the need to invest in other SEO tools for keyword research and thorough analysis of your competitors.

Let's dive into the review properly.

When you create a Diib account and log in to your dashboard, in the left sidebar you'll see the main features of Diib that make it stand out. These features are represented by icons.


To take full advantage of this feature, you need to connect your Google Analytics account with Diib. I guess as a website owner you keep track of your website performance with GA.

Connecting your Diib account to Google Analytics is just a few clicks away and Diib does the rest for you. When connected,Backpulls data from GA and displays it in the Diib panel. You might be wondering why you need Diib, since GA also tracks your data.

The difference is clear. In Google Analytics, your metrics look messy. This makes it difficult for a non-tech-savvy person to read and understand.

This does not happen with Diib. It presents the metrics in a simple, clear, neat and understandable style. This will give you a clear view of your site's performance and a quick idea of ​​where you need to improve.

For example, from the dashboard, you can easily check social visits, paid search visits, unique visits, returning visits, etc.

You might be concerned about the discrepancies in the Diib and GA metrics. There is nothing like that since it is the same report.

Also on the dashboard, you may notice that you can easily change the reporting options to monthly, weekly, or daily.

The bottom line here is that GA's analysis is the same as Diib's. But Diib displays the metrics in a smart and understandable way, helping you make a better and faster decision.

2. Keywords and SEO

When it comes to keyword and search engine optimization, Diibs performs the following function:

  • Monitor the top performing SEO keywords and backlinks.
  • Acquire new keywords and content ideas.
  • Track your competitors.
  • Let's get them one after another.

Backkeeps track of your top-ranking keywords to let you know about changes to them. This can be an emergency position.

It also shows key keyword metrics like search volume, cost of paid traffic, CPC, and estimated traffic percentage.

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You also get a clear list of all the keywords you rank for. This feature is essential for bloggers who wantBlogrank for competitive keywords in your niches.

In addition, it informs you about the web pages that were affected and the steps you must follow to solve them.

Bonus: Here are tips to improve your rankings for keywords when they drop.

  • Update your post with new information.
  • Create more quality backlinks to increase PageRank.
  • Use Google Search Console to identify keywords that lead visitors to this and include them. That is, if they are relevant to the post and they are not there either.

When it comes to backlinks, Diib estimates the number of backlinks your website has.

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3. Response mechanism

Diib's response engine is a kind of diagnostic tool that checks your site and tells you in plain language what is happening on your site in terms of traffic.

This could be how your traffic increased through a traffic source over a period of time. Your bounce rate and other important metrics when it comes to your traffic.

Take a look at the image below to see the output that Diib's response engine returned after I connected my site to it.

It's interesting here because now I know what is good and what is bad with my traffic and what should I do to improve its performance.

(Video) Diib Review & Introduction

4. Progress Tracker

Keeping track of the progress you are making with your website is important and mandatory. This is to check the result of the effort and the strategies you have implemented to ensure that your website is at its best.

How does the Progress Tracker work?

When you connect your site to Diib's health score, Diib pulls 12 metrics to check your site's health score.

It returns your site's health score and also suggests practical steps you can take to improve your site.

Backpay attention to every step you take to improve your site's health score. For example, during the status check, it was suggested that you acquired 5 spam backlinks and took steps to disavow 3 of the 5.

It takes into account the steps you've taken to resolve the problem and is updated to reflect the progress you've made.

Here is an example below.

5. Website monitoring

You could compare this feature to Custom Alert, a feature when set up in Google Analytics that monitors and reports on changes to your site.

But it's a different thing on Diib. Here, the website monitoring feature automatically tracks the security and speed of your website.

It also tells you about changes in the keywords you are ranking for. As well as your competitors' activities and email deliverability to ensure that your subscribers receive the emails you send to them in their inboxes and not your spam.

6. Weekly Email Snapshot

The weekly email snapshot is an important feature to discuss in this Diib review.

As a website owner, you may have a busy schedule and no time to monitor the performance of your online business.

But that's okay becauseBacktake care of him. The weekly email snapshot provides an overview and also provides insight into how your site has performed over the past week. Contains the following:

  • Summary of SEO, security and speed.
  • Ranking and traffic changes.
  • Performance of your website on social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. More on the local Google map.
  • New opportunities identified for the growth of your online business.

7. Search engine indexing

Simply put, this is the process by which search engines like Google and Bing organize information to ensure that they respond when a user makes a query.

In order for your web page to be indexed by search engines, it must be indexed. This makes you visible to search engines.

How does Diib fit in here? It gives you a report of your web pages that have been indexed by search engines and which have not been indexed.

Diib Review [2021]: Is It the Best SEO Analysis Tool? -DepreneurDigest (4)

For web pages that haven't been indexed, it's a call for you to review them and see if you've mistakenly disabled them from being indexed by search engines.

Sometimes, it may also be that you have deliberately disabled the web page from search engine visibility.

8. Comparison

SEO is a game and it is important that you measure how you are playing against your competitors. Benchmarking is another feature worth discussing in this Diib review. This helps you measure your performance against your competitors.

For example, you have an e-commerce business, precisely an online store where you sell women's clothing. It is critical that you evaluate your store's performance against identified competitors.

This could be in the areas of organic traffic, social traffic, bounce rate, high ranking keywords, number of backlinks, new visitors, and returning visitors.

These metrics are what you can compare side by side with your competitors. The goal is to identify where you are not performing well and fix it.

(Video) Grow Your Blog With DiiB | Best Free SEO Tools for New Blogger!

Then continue to boost and maintain the areas where your site is doing well.

9. Social networks

In this world and digital age,social mediait has become extremely important in the growth of online business.

you hardly see anyonline businessIt's not on social media. Because? Because many of your customers and target customers are on social media.

To capture them, you need to have a strong social media presence.Backyou are covered in this area. It syncs your social media data and gives you a view of what your exact data looks like.

In social media analytics, you'll see your engagement rate (reach, click, and reaction). In the performance overview, you can quickly see your positive reaction rates, click-through rate, fan reaction, and viral multiplier.

Additionally, you can change your reporting option to 7, 14, and 30 days. Additionally, Diib offers insight into your fan demographics and suggests when you should post on social media platforms.

How is Facebook, a giant of social networks? Of course, Facebook provides these metrics and more, but not in the old format.

Diib makes it easy for a beginner who isn't tech-savvy or analytics-oriented to understand how their social media platforms work.

10. Alerts

The alert feature can greatly help online businesses to improve the performance of their websites. It provides a detailed description of the different factors that affect your website, positively or negatively.

I really like the idea of ​​indicating the number of different domains/referring sites pointing to sites with suggestions on how this might affect their ranking in Google.

Diib Review [2021]: Is It the Best SEO Analysis Tool? -DepreneurDigest (5)

Another is to enter your site's domain authority according to the Moz SEO tool.

11. Objectives

HereBackhighlights some of the practical steps you've taken to improve your site's performance and reported earnings.

In addition, it suggests what you can do to keep your site in top condition. Some of the suggestions could be:

Make sure your website's backlinks link to the right pages.

Research and identify bad backlinks that can hurt your search engine rankings.

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12. Connected

Have you not yet connected your Facebook, Google Analytics, Google My Business accounts to Diib? It reminds and even asks you to connect them to Diib to get your metrics from these tools presented in a simple, readable and understandable way.

When you click the green plus sign, you're immediately taken to your accounts with these tools so you can connect them to Diib in minutes. The benefits of this have already been mentioned above, but let me add that here.

For Facebook Insight, it alerts you if a segment of your audience doesn't engage with your post.

Diib Review [2021]: Is It the Best SEO Analysis Tool? -DepreneurDigest (7)

ForGoogle Mi Boosiness, helps you optimize your listing on Google map while in Google Analytics, it presents your data in a simple and clutter-free format.

13. Learning Library

Although Diib is easy to use and doesn't have a learning curve, it still offers a lot in its learning library.

This is to ensure that you have mastered the tool and all of its features. It has articles, up to 1000 videos, eBooks, and white papers that you can use to learn more about the tool.

14. Learn-Beta

As a way to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to grow your business online, it has a feature called Learn-Beta. Here you learn the following:

(Video) Diib Overview

  • How to write high-quality SEO friendly content. Also how you can market them and use them to promote your website and increase your search engine ranking.
  • What are backlinks, how to acquire them, and the important role they play in increasing your site's search engine ranking.
  • How to run Google Ads, which is a paid source to drive traffic to your website.
  • What is UI/UX and how you can optimize your website to create the best user experience for your audience.
  • Learn how to use social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,interestand LinkedIn to further your business goals.
  • Find out how you can optimize your website, audit it, build links to rank on the first page of Google.
  • SEO software is popular these days. Learn how you can use them to benefit your website.
  • Learn how to run your blog or website on the most popular content management platform: WordPress.

15. Annual growth opportunities

As an online business owner, it's important that you understand the growth opportunities of your website.

This will allow you to plan how to improve your site's performance and use these opportunities to your advantage.

Backhas a feature that helps you calculate this. Once you've completed custom growth goals, Diib analyzes the traffic your site is getting and gives you an estimate of the value you could earn.

It also gives you an estimate of the value that sites similar to yours could earn.

Diib Review [2021]: Is It the Best SEO Analysis Tool? -DepreneurDigest (8)

16. Pricing Plans

This Diib review will be incomplete without mentioning its pricing plan. This is to prepare your mind about how much you have to pay monthly or yearly to use this service.

Diib offers two different pricing plans:

The free plan with limited access to the features you need to grow your business online. It offers some self-service features which are below.

  • Weekly instant email to keep you updated on developments in your online business.
  • Daily health score to indicate the status of your site in real time.
  • Limited intelligence alert and targets revealing your website traffic and revenue growth.
  • Website monitoring that alerts you to changes in key metrics on your website.
  • Benchmarking to evaluate the performance of your site against its competitors.

The pro plan, which costs US$29.99/month, offers full access to Diib's services. Its characteristics are the following:

  • You can analyze up to 30 websites at once and see their performance at a glance.
  • Full access to daily goals and alerts indicating your site's growth.
  • 24/7 access to professional help.
  • Monitor your post performance on social media to see how your audience is engaging with them.
  • Analyze your site and get suggestions for improvement using premium data from SEMRush and Moz.
  • These features are in addition to the features offered by Diib's free plan.
Diib Review [2021]: Is It the Best SEO Analysis Tool? -DepreneurDigest (9)

17. Customer service

Although Diib is easy to use and also offers many self-help resources in its learning library, this is not enough.

You will still need help from the support team to overcome a challenge you may experience while using this service.

That is why we need to review the type of customer support that Diib offers.

You can email Diib customer support 7 days a week. Please note that on weekends or holidays, it takes 1-2 business days for a response.

When it comes to billing related questions, you can email or call the sales team. (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST).

Also, you get dedicated support at any time if you subscribe to the professional plan.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are social channels through which you can connect with Diib and stay up to date on the latest developments.

Going further, I've collected some additional information that you might want to consider in this Diib review. These are the pros and cons of Diib.

Download Pros

  • A free plan is offered. No credit card required.
  • Their pricing plans are not expensive.
  • Easy to use and beginner friendly.
  • Get your website metrics in a simple, clear and understandable way. No problem.
  • Provide customer support.
  • You have enough resources to master all the features that Diib offers.
  • Get tips on what you need to do to improve the performance of your online business.
  • Get insights into your site's growth potential and opportunities.
  • Know what your competitors are doing and how to stay ahead of them.
  • It handles updates and does it frequently.

Draw Cons

  • No indica si un backlink es do-follow o no-follow.
  • It is not well known and may affect its acceptability to online business owners.
  • You still need to invest in other tools likekeyword research toolto increase the performance of your website.
  • Ahrefs, a popular SEO tool, lacks analysis and suggestion tools. Although it has Moz and SEMRush.

final thoughts

I hope this Diib review has given you a fair idea of ​​what you stand to gain or lose by using this service.

The conclusions here are thatBackpresents your website metrics in a simple and understandable format.

Even a novice can read it easily. The data is not messy like what you get in some SEO tools. Their pricing plan is affordable.

(Video) Overview of Diib's Fully Managed Services

You can even start with the free plan. There are enough resources you can refer to to master all of Diib's features.

Plus, you get tips on how to improve your site and growth opportunities you can take advantage of.

But it's up to you to decide if this tool is what you want to invest in based on your needs.


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