NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (2023)

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (1)

NFL STADIUM RANKINGS: We have seen a wave of new stadiums in recent years and this season we will welcome two new architectural masterpieces. The question is, which NFL stadiums are the best in the NFL?

The 2020 NFL season was unlike anything that had come before. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many NFL stadiums have banned fans from attending games early in the regular season. During the yearwith the NFL losing billions of dollars in stadium revenue,Teams began welcoming smaller numbers of fans to their buildings.

Fortunately, fans returned to NFL stadiums in 2021 and the massive sales showed everyone's enthusiasm for football. After everyone filled their seats, everyone was also allowed to enter SoFi Stadium and Allegiant Stadium. Needless to say, the reviews justify the hype.

Let's dive into our 2022 NFL Stadium Rankings.

NFL Stadium Rankings: The Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (2)

WHY YOU'RE TRAINING AT OUR NFL STADIUM LEADERS: We're not entirely sure why anyone would want to go to FedEx Field unless they want to torture themselves and spend money. Even getting to this venue is an incredible hassle, as fans are forced through ridiculous traffic just to get in and then experience the same frustrations as they leave in the third quarter. The experience of getting to FedEx Field is lousy, tickets and food areoutrageously expensiveand the stadium itself looks bad.

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As if things couldn't get any worse at FedEx Field, Week 1 got off to a spectacular start. In the loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, a sewer pipe burst early among the fans. That sums up the experience of going to this stadium. As if all of that wasn't bad enough, the team itself is bad again. Never come to this stadium, save yourself.

If the experience at FedEx Field wasn't bad enough, now the safety of the fans is at stake. Thatrailing collapseFortunately, no one was injured this time, but it put those who fell to the ground in grave danger. Jalen Hurts is right, things need to change at FedEx Field, with NFL and Commanders owner Daniel Snyder in charge.

29. MetLife Stadium – New York Giants at New York Jets

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (4)

MetLife Stadium is the largest stadium in the NFL. Well, at least that's what it has to offer. Feral cats may be the only creatures that love MetLife Stadium.Home to more than 300 cats., the New York Giants and the New York Jets also share this building. It's a fan-only trip to get to New Jersey. Once inside, after spending hundreds of dollars, what you see is a boring stadium with no substance. Unfortunately, since it was built in 2007 and cost nearly $2 billion, MetLife Stadium has undeniably remained at the bottom of this NFL stadium ranking for decades.

  • MetLife Stadium Capacity:82.500

Unfortunately, for Giants and Jets fans, the product on the field is no better than the stadium. Without Daniel Snyder and the Commanders, MetLife would have a good case for being at the bottom of our NFL stadium rankings.

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28. TIAA Bank Field – Jacksonville Jaguars(Anterior: 27)

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (5)

The stadium has gone by many names since it opened in 1995 and this one may not last long. Everyone knows about the pool and designated dog area which is great for those with money or a dog. For everyone else, it's just not a great experience. Given how much this team loves to play in London, many seem to share the negative sentiment towards the stadium. On a positive note,Tim Tebowytrevor lorenzoI could sell this place.

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27. Paycor-Stadion – Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (6)

Formerly known as Paul Brown Stadium, Paycor Stadium is the cheapest football stadium in the NFL. It fits right in with the Cincinnati Bengals franchise. There are some good things about this place, like the view of downtown, but it has a lot of flaws. Fans in particular feel like they're on an aircraft carrier, having to go up and down levels to move around the stadium. Unfortunately this place will probably be around for another 20 years. While the early talent inside the building helps, removing the nostalgia for the iconic name is a bigger detriment in our NFL stadium rankings.

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26. Nissan-Stadion – Tennessee Titans(before: 20)

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (8)

An example of a mid-aged stadium in a perfect setting. It's a wonderful place to visit for fans on Sundays, but Nissan Stadium quickly becomes boring for those who see it multiple times each season. If that only ranks outside of placement, that would be a top-10 spot in the NFL. Unfortunately, the stadium is rapidly falling apart andbecome a security risk. Deteriorating conditions have a lot to do with why Tennessee, the home of Tennessee, slides down our list of NFL stadiums.

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25. Estadio Hard Rock – Miami Dolphins(before: 25)

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (10)

Renovations in recent years keep this spot from being any lower on our NFL stadium rankings. Although it is a frequent host to the Super Bowl, that can be largely attributed to the location. Hard Rock Stadium will remain, largely thanks to its history. But Miami would love something modern and demands that happen if the Dolphins come up with a playoff-caliber roster in 2022.

24. Highmark-Stadion – Buffalo Bills(before: 26)

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (11)

Thanks to the Bills Mafia for making the stadium fun. Looking at the videos of fans breaking up, it seems like a wonderful place. Blame it on the beer glasses, because this 46-year-old building is an aging dinosaur. The weather makes this place miserable and there is nothing around to make things better. The fans brought some life to this place when the Bills hosted a playoff game, but the city deserves a better stadium for the rapidly improving team.

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Fortunately, that day is coming. the invoices arePlans for a new stadium at Orchard Park, with the hope of its completion in the next five years. While there are threats to relocate the team, we are confident that something will be done about Buffalo. Maybe in a few years, when the NFL stadium rankings in 2024, the new venue will be ready and higher. Meanwhile, greetings to theTeam cleaning the endless portable toilets.

23. FirstEnergy-Stadion – Cleveland Browns

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (13)

There's a lot of energy in this ballpark, especially when the Browns are on the scene. But there isn't much else to this place. It's in a decent spot, but that also translates to cool winds blowing in from Lake Erie. FirstEnergy Stadium would benefit from some renovations and the fans deserve it when this team suddenly becomes an AFC force.

(Video) NFL Stadiums RANKED!

If some improvements are made, this venue, with the atmosphere this fan base creates, would move up the NFL stadium rankings as fast as the Browns did in the NFL Achievement Rankings. With the Deshaun Watson trade causing a rift, we're excited to see how fans will take it throughout the 2022 season.

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22. Raymond James Stadium – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (14)

The Buccaneers have a pirate ship that everyone loves, after that, there's not much to like about Raymond James Stadium. It can be pricey, especially now that Tom Brady is in town, and the indoor dining options aren't particularly appealing. Also, like some of the other stadiums on this list, it's not in the city center and the surrounding area isn't packed with restaurants. Hopefully the Super Bowl gains translate into better upgrades, but we're not seeing that yet.

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21. Levi's Stadium – San Francisco 49ers

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (16)

It is unforgivable that a stadium opened just a few years ago is so mediocre. Of course, it doesn't help that they built it in Santa Clara to ruin the fans' travel experience. Did we mention they spent over $1 billion on this venue and couldn't shield the fans from the glaring sun? If you can get past the inconvenient location, the sun in your eyes, and the expensive tickets, everything else is really nice.

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20. Bank of America-Stadion – Carolina Panthers

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (17)

NFL Stadium Rankings, Top 20:BoA is not one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL, but it would greatly benefit from demolition. It's an outdated structure and the team have kept it looking good with minor improvements, but it's time for this place to go. Fortunately, with owner David Tepper at the helm, we're expecting something revolutionary for 2026.

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19. Acrisure-Stadion – Pittsburgh Steelers(before: 16)

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (18)

Will a stadium name change affect our NFL stadium rankings? Yes it does. The Heinz Field brand has added something to this place, even if it only started in 2001. Suddenly, that sentiment is gone since the Steelers took the money to name this place Acrisure Stadium. The organization deserves ridicule, and if the new money doesn't mean renovations, this venue could fall even further down our 2023 NFL stadium rankings.

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18. Gillette Stadium – New England Patriots

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (20)

The dynasty effect is responsible for Gillette's reputation. It meets the definition of generic and the traffic around the stadium is a living nightmare. The team saves the fans because the seats in and around the stadium are way below what you would expect from this team. A tough 2020 season hurts, but the excitement is back in Foxborough and that will result in a crowd of fans eager to see Mac Jones.

17. Soldatenfeld – Chicago Bones

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (21)

Soldier Field is the smallest stadium in the NFL and the oldest stadium in the NFL. Everyone loves the story and the experience from the seat is great, but that's where that wonderful feeling ends. Between the headaches of finding a bathroom, getting out of the parking lot, and getting around, it's not great. Simply put, given Soldier Field's reputation, it's one of the most overrated sports arenas around.

(Video) All 30 NFL Stadiums RANKED From WORST to FIRST

But all the titans in history fall. Chicago is making progress, albeit slowly, on building a new stadium. While some fans will miss the NFL part of history, a change is needed.

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16. M&T Bank Stadium – Baltimore Ravens

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (22)

When you enter M&T Bank Stadium on game day, the atmosphere can be exhilarating. The stadium is on the old side, but so is the team.$120 million spent on renovationsin 2019. Fans can enjoy the experience once inside, and there are some beautiful places to explore outside of M&T Bank.

15. Ford Field-Leones de Detroit

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (23)

If you can take advantage of a great downtown scene, you have to. Fortunately, the Lions are in the heart of the city and conveniently located next to Comerica Park and some great restaurants. Ford Field might rank even higher if the team were better and the atmosphere louder, but it's still an above average ballpark.

14. Estadio NRG – Houston Texans

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (24)

It's getting expensive to watch a game at NRG Stadium, but there are some nice touches about this place as it approaches its 18th season. There are plenty of places to eat after a game, it's a spacious environment, and you've got the screens big to look at. It's a shame a beautiful NFL stadium is going to wastea terrible organization.

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13. Lincoln Financial Field – Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (26)

As long as you're not Santa, The Linc is a wonderful place to enjoy an NFL game. Lincoln Financial Field opened in 2003 and perfectly represents the city of Philadelphia. It may not be one of the prettiest places in the world, but the food is great, the atmosphere is classy, ​​and the fans make it a great experience.

12. Caesars Superdome – New Orleans Saints

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (27)

RANKING OF THE TOP-12 NFL STADIUMS:The Superdome will always be an iconic symbol in New Orleans, both for its history with the team and for the city itself. Although it is on the oldest site, which opened in 1975, the fans and the dome create an experience like no other. There are definitely some bottlenecks and the hallways could greatly benefit from an update. Luckily, aA $450 million renovation is imminent. Once the improvements are made and the Saints are doing well, this could be in the top five in our NFL stadium rankings. But it felt very strange not to see Drew Brees play here anymore.

11. Empower Field en Mile High – Denver Broncos

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (28)

Let's start with the food, because Empower Field at Mile High offers the kind of options and flavors fans dream of for a great experience. Of course, the view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance adds another layer of beauty that makes this place stand out. If you are a fan of the NFL and looking for a unique and relaxing experience, this is a place to visit. Just don't visit out of season as this place seems to catch fire when no one is around. One thing to keep in mind, the next sale could result in anew $2 billion stadiumfor the Denver Broncos. If a new owner commits to building a modern venue, Denver will skyrocket up the NFL stadium rankings in a few years.

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10. State Farm Stadium – Arizona Cardinals

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (30)

NFL STADIUM RANKINGS - Top 10 NFL Stadiums:Since its opening, State Farm Stadium has hosted two Super Bowls and will welcome Super Bowl LVII in 2023. Putting a stadium in the Arizona heat can be a miserable experience for fans, but this venue does an excellent job for keep everything cool. It's not in the middle of nowhere like it used to be, with new restaurants opening around it, but it would have been perfect if this building was closer to the center. Fortunately, the experience and amenities inside make up for what's outside.

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9. GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (31)

Arrowhead Stadium is the loudest stadium in the NFL and perhaps one of the most difficult stadiums in the United States for opponents to play in. A classic built for the fan experience and still offering something for everyone nearly 50 years later. Honestly, a big part of what makes Arrowhead Stadium so great is the tracking. From the scents in the air to the hospitality of the fans, everyone should come here at least once. Upon entering, prepare for a hostile environment that will shake the ground beneath you and create lasting memories.

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8. Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis Colts(before: 7)

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (33)

This might be one of the most underrated stadiums in the sport. If you're wondering why the NFL Combine takes place in Indianapolis every year, it's because Lucas Oil Stadium offers the perfect experience. In the heart of downtown, restaurants nearby, plenty of room to walk, convenient parking, a great experience to follow, and everything inside is beautiful. There's nothing more you could want other than a better quarterback game. Fortunately, 2022 will arrivematt ryanbelow the middle. We're willing to bet that Indianapolis will host a playoff game this season.

7. Lumenfeld-Seattle Seahawks(before: 5)

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (34)

The 12th Man is what Lumen Field, formerly known as CenturyLink Field, is best known for and understandably so. Being part of this incomparable environment makes you feel like you are part of something, which is giving the opposing team a headache. However, there are other aspects to love, such as the abundance of dining options, available public transportation, and incredible views from every seat in the house. We would like to encourage fans to explore the stadium during the game, as otherwise there is nothing entertaining to see on the pitch.drawn lockbegins.

6. SoFi Stadium – Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers (Before: 8)

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (35)

SoFi Stadium is the most expensive NFL stadium of all time and the most expensive stadium in American sports. With the welcome of the fans, the beauty of SoFi Stadium can finally be appreciated. Los Angeles isn't known for having the most loyal fans of its regional teams, but that won't stop NFL fans from admiring this beauty. A downfield club behind the end zones, The Cabanas is a delight for those who can afford it. But even for the average fan, this arena is a must-see. We also have to give credit to Stan Kroenke, he paid for the most expensive stadium in NFL history.

  • SoFi Stadium Costs:$5.5 billion

5. Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas Raiders (Before: 6)

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (36)

NFL STADIUM RANKINGS - TOP 5 NFL STADIUMS:Built for $1.9 billion, one would certainly expect Allegiant Stadium to offer a great fan experience. Even before people started attending NFL games, the venue drew rave reviews for concerts. The fans had major traffic issues getting to the stadium in paradise, but it's worth it once you get inside. With 65,000 seats, Wynn Field Club and several restaurants (BBQ Mexicana, Guy Fieri's Tailgate Kitchen and Bar, Pizza Rock) and more, Allegiant Stadium has to be on the bucket list. A new feature coming in 2022, Carr bombs Davante Adams.

4. Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Atlanta Falcons

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (37)

This place is just beautiful. It opened in 2017 and instantly became one of the best stadiums in the country. Even if the general atmosphere has suffered a bit after a couple of bad years, everything about the stadium is amazing. ThatFood and drinks are incredibly cheap., the in-house amenities are tremendous, the views surrounding MBS are breathtaking, and the technology shows what the future holds.

Unfortunately, one of our favorite NFL stadium rankings in 2020 won't have great football to offer. The Falcons are rebuilding and have one of the worst rosters in the league. Pick this location when there is a big opponent in town.

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3. Lambeau-Feld – Green Bay Packers

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (38)

RANKING OF THE TOP THREE NFL STADIUMS: Downtown stadiums are preferred, but you'll love that Lambeau Field is basically the city of Green Bay. The city revolves around this place and rightly so. If you're visiting, you'll practically step into a time machine as you walk through the gates of Lambeau Field and sit in the metal bleachers. Of course, it wouldn't be Lambeau Field without the enthusiastic and enthusiastic fan base. If anyone ever suggested replacing Lambeau Field, they would never be allowed to visit Wisconsin again.

2. US-Bankstadion – Minnesota Vikings

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (39)

If you use the US. Walking into Bank Stadium is like jumping 10 years into the future. Creating a translucent roof could set the new trend for any future stadium, creating unbeatable views in big cities. This place has been designed in an awesome way, he makes sure everyone is comfortable no matter what the weather is outside, the food options are great and everything about the experience of this place is tremendous.

1. AT&T-Stadion – Dallas Cowboys

NFL Stadium Rankings: Best and Worst NFL Stadiums in 2022 (40)

NFL STADIUM RANKING #1: You could argue that one of the top four stadiums would claim first place, but we give the Cowboys the lead. AT&T Stadium can often be inundated with spectators rooting for their teams and turning a street event into a home game. This building is already a decade old but still offers all the advantages that the new ones have. Of course they have the United States team and it's different to watch soccer in Texas.

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Now that the Dallas Cowboys play like one of the best teams in the NFL, that environment is even better. Playoff soccer returned to Dallas last season. Unfortunately for football lovers in Texas, the Cowboys once again proved that their stadium is better than their team.

Let us know what you think of our NFL Stadium Rankings.


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