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For Millennials and Gen Z, the local market is no longer trendy. Searching online for the service or product you are looking for is the new market available to everyone.

There is no doubt that digital marketing can be used for both prospects and businesses. Not only can you buy a mattress while sitting at home, but you can also sell a mattress while sitting at home; or any service in the same way.

But the question that arises with this privilege is, "How do I get people to buy my product?"

Right marketing strategy:

Digital marketing mainly consists of two planned strategies; SEO and PPC. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and PPC stands for Pay Per Click.

Both strategies are valuable when applied and integrated into a plan with the right concept. But which one suits you best?

Choosing the right approach depends on your business plan, goals, and perspective. What is your business about? Who is your audience? And what do you want from them (Call-to-Actions)?

Deciding whether you want more organic or paid traffic to your website can help you understand whether you're looking for SEO or PPC.

However, PPC or SEO offers guaranteed leads to your website. Ultimately, both strategies have the same goal, but different approaches.

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We will examine each in detail so that you can use these twostrategies togetherto maximize the result. Today we will talkSEO vs. PPC for Law Firmsand how to use them wisely.

what is seo

SEO is a group of techniques that help your site get a visible place on the Google search engine results page. SEO includes; Keyword integration, addressing people's concerns, internal links, backlinks and more.

These factors should matchGoogle Ranking Factors; appear higher in SERP. You ask why we only target Google audiences. According to current statistics, Google process8.5 billion searches every day, and aligning with your factors likely means you're appealing to potential consumers.

Let's dive into the pros and cons of SEO to get a better idea of ​​when to use it.


Start this list with the SEO pros first.

  • Capital leases:SEO is neither expensive nor completely free. You have to pay for freelancers, agencies or SEO tools, but it certainly has a better ROI.

You don't have to pay per click like with PPC. Organic search results have better click-through rates (CTRs) with minimal upfront effort (and lots of brainstorming), which can result in a steady flow of organic traffic.

  • Visibility:As difficult as it is to rank high in search results, gaining visibility in search engines with your targeted keywords can give your brand the right exposure.

If you use your case studies, blog posts, and calls-to-action to drive traffic at each marketing stage, you can achieve that high rank in Google SERPs: it means organic traffic is coming for a long time, and it's free.

  • Sustainability:This means that unlike PPC, you won't stop getting traffic once your marketing budget runs out. Instead, all you have to do is optimize your content.

SEO takes time to deliver, but once you get the hang of it, you can have a sustainable brand awareness strategy right there!

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  • Credibility:The most important goal of digital marketing is to build trust. You want your prospects to trust your brand and believe that you are an expert in their niche.

Google ranks higher the websites that appear useful and relevant to the audience. It looks like a win-win situation here.

In contrast:

Not everything that glitters is gold. Similarly, there are also disadvantages of SEO:

  • Algorithm:One thing that bothers most businesses is thatchange algorithmfrom Google search results. This includes paying attention to changing trends, what to integrate and what to avoid when optimizing.

GoogleAroundthrough your website and ranks according to its relevance to the audience.

  • Expertise:Link building is one of the oldest methods to achieve higher rankings. These inbound links must be natural; otherwise, you may face a penalty and brand reputation violation.

In order to get a secure and sustainable backlink, expert knowledge or a crash course is required.

  • Traffic before you buy:Research and inquiry-only traffic is significant, but converting into leads is a more focused approach.

That means you have to expend your energy and wits to get that audience to buy your services, which may be something you have to deal with.

  • Competitors:While you are working on your website's SEO, your competitors are doing the same.

It can be surpassed by target keywords. Some keywords are mostly dominated by commercial giants that leave little or no room for success for other businesses.

what is ppc

PPC is another marketingTactic where you bid to have your ad appear on the related keyword search page. You will quickly become known to your target group without having to work for the SERP.


Some advantages of PPC that make brands adopt this marketing approach are:

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  • Position:A higher rank means nothing here. If you choose PPC, your ad will appear above organic search results.
  • Visual product displays:Google is rolling out an attractive visual product ads feature where the audience can see what product you're offering. This feature gives you an edge over organic search results.
  • Target group:Using target keywords, geography, time of day, or day of the week, you can target your specific audience much more precisely than any other marketing tactic.
  • Instant results with A/B testing:A PPC campaign can be set up in a day and run in a week, with the results starting to flow in a net hour or so.

You can even run two ads and compare which one has better engagement rates to determine your next strategy.


Considering the disadvantages of PPC, for starters the comparison of SEO and PPC.

  • Karo:As we already knew, you have a limited budget for advertising campaigns. And once this budget is used up, the flow of traffic stops. Therefore, PPC requires constant investment.
  • Just copy:Your competitors may be targeting the exact keywords or audiences. Your message can be replicated just as easily as your entire campaign.
  • Low ROI:Not everyone is a fan of advertising. With repetitive keywords and messages, many users tend to skip the ads.

It brings profit, but not in the long run. Therefore, PPC has a lower ROI than SEO.


SEO and PPC are great tools that can be used in different circumstances. You can use SEO if;

  1. You want to build brand authority
  2. You want consistent results
  3. The marketing budget is small.
  4. Beat competitors in organic search

Y is a PPC;

  1. You're new and your website isn't ready for SEO yet.
  2. You need instant results.
  3. an urgent offer
  4. You need to narrow down your target audience.


You don't have to choose between the two. We encourage you to use both tactics to get the most out of online marketing.

  • You can take PPC ad data like top searched keywords, most engaging CTAs or keyword density and use them in SEO practices accordingly.
  • Did a user visit your site without making a purchase? You can regain this user's interest by re-promoting their products.
  • High in organic search? Get a boost and rank higher by promoting your website on social media.
  • Keyword Optimization of a web page and get a PPC campaign built around high volume duplicate keywords to rank your site higher on the first page.
  • You can test your keywords on PPC. High-priced but low-converting keywords can fit on your organic page.

These tactics and finding the right audience can impact brand awareness and a website’s organic traffic. SEO and PPC go hand in hand to get great results.

Mistakes to avoid in SEO and PPC

However, every marketing strategy must be carefully evaluated. Make sure there are no hidden backlinks or questionable content; which can damage the authority of your site.

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Likewise, using too many keywords or keywords can kill yoursSEO-Strategie.

For PPC, use targeted, non-generic keywords. Don't try to target all channels.

Not all channels will be profitable for every business. These ads require investment, and as long as you don't mind breaking the bank, you can test each channel for your campaign.

final thoughts

Consider your company's KPIs before deciding on a marketing strategy. Internet marketing allows brands to showcase and sell their products online.

While SEO is good in the long run, you can boost your marketing by applying a strategic PPC plan. Assess your company's position and judge what is better at the moment; PPC or SEO.

Organic and paid traffic can be a powerful tool for your business to increase brand awareness and sales.

With the perfect integration and planning, you can attract new attention and achieve excellent results.


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