Soffi personal loans: 2022 evaluation (2023)

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Just look

Soffi personal loans: 2022 evaluation (1)


Qualification: 4.7 5 stars

Bankrate -Score


Qualification: 4.4 5 stars



Qualification: 4.7 5 stars


Customer experience

Qualification: 5 stars of 5


About the bank rate score

A personal loan sofi is a great option for borrowers who achieve a decent income and have a good loan.There are no origin rates or late interest rates and is not punished to pay your early credit.

Loan5.000 bis 100.000 US -Dollar

Abbr von7,99%–23,43%

Runtime length24 to 84 months

At least loan score680

This lender is better for debt consolidation loans without interest rates.

The best for debt consolidation loans without interest rates

Sofi makes it easier to pay the high interest rate debt and leads its finances.The lender offers a simplified application process, fast financing times and a number of resources to help him achieve his credit and general financial health.

Sofi -Vor- and -Kons


  • no fees

  • Loan amounts

  • Good digital experience

  • Accepted joint applications


    • A good loan is required

    • There are no scaling options

    • At least loan amount

    • Without physical branches

Do you qualify?

In general, you must comply with the following criteria to get a loan:

  • Have or more of the majority of the majority in her state, generally at least 18 years.
  • Be employed or have a job offer within 90 days or have another reliable source of income.
  • Whether American citizens, constant residents or non -permanent residents.
  • Do you have a creditworthiness of 680 or more.

If it is rejected by a personal loan from Sofi and the view is examined.

For the sofi not allowed to use loan funds

Sofi's personal loans cannot be used for commercial purposes or for acquiring values, real estate or other systems.It is also forbidden to use loan income for short -term bridge financing or the cover of the secondary education costs for short -term bridges.

Sofi: In the details

Soffi personal loans: 2022 evaluation (2)


5.000 bis 100.000 US -Dollar

Abbr von


At least loan score


Runtime length

24 to 84 months

Medium available in

Next working day

Minimum annual income

$ 3.500

What we like and what we don't like

What we like:

  • No fees:Sofi does not charge origin rates or prepaid, and it does not calculate the interest for reverse payments.
  • Loan amounts area:The amounts of the Sofi loan are between 5,000 and 100,000 US dollars.It is therefore an excellent option to finance several purchases or to pay the credit card debt with great interest.
  • Good digital experience:The entire process takes place online.
  • Common applications:With Sofi you can request a request from a CO applicant, which can be useful if you cannot qualify for a loan or search for a lower interest rate

What we don't like:

  • A good loan is required:Sofi requires a minimum credit point of 680 to approve for a personal loan.
  • There are no Quitter options:While there are two borrowers, you cannot get a loan from Sofi with a Kosatorer.
  • Minimum credit amount minimal:The lowest amount you can borrow is 5,000 US dollars.This can be much more than you need if the funds are used to cover a lower cost or a financial emergency.
  • There are no physical branches:The lack of inpatient locations can be problematic for borrowers who prefer to operate personally or sit in a loan matt to receive personalized support.

How to contact Sofi

It can reach 855-456-7634 to 855-456-7634 from Monday to Thursday. From 7:00 p.m. and Friday to Sunday from 5 a.m.

How to apply for a personal loan from Sofi

Sofi simplifies the application experience.This is what you should expect when applying:

Additional functions and advantages

Sofi offers the unemployment protection program for borrowers who are in good condition for a job search for free.

You can also reduce your interest rate by 0.25 percent if it is registered in automatic payments.Other advantages are financial planning, exclusive access to an online community, experiences of personal and network events, personalized professional advice and experts who have questions to answer the payment of the university.

Prices and sanctions

Personal loans Sofi have no prices.It is one of the few online creditors who do not calculate the sentence of origin, and there is no fines for the early payment for paying their early loan.Safi also does not calculate any freezing rates, but will accumulate more interest in the event of a lack of payments and negative credit effects.

Sofi falls through among other lenders by offering unemployment protection.If he loses his job, he can apply for his loan payments to be suspended without affecting his credit.He can stop payments of his loan for up to 12 months, although he will continue to accumulate interest on the remaining amount.

To publish this payment break, you have to prove that you receive unemployment benefits and actively look for a job, and you have to accept the work with the professional strategy services of Sofi to help you with your search.

Sofi frequent questions

Like Bankrato -sofi interest

General score4.7Explanation
Availability4.4While it can be approved with Sofi on the same day on which you can request, you can also receive money on the same day or a few days later.
Affordability4.7The low AP and the lack of sofi tariffs make it affordable for many borrowers.
Customer experience5.0A application, a perfect online experience and a variety of telephone support lessons provide Sofi the advantage of the customer experience.


In order to select the most important personal lender, Bank rate takes 15 factors into account.These factors include credit requirements, APR areas, interest rates, loan amounts and flexibility to take into account a wide range of credit profiles and budgets.Bank rate checked 41 loans and each gave a bank rate of a bank rate evaluation that consists of three categories:

  • Availability:What are the minimum amounts of the loan, your authorization requirements and your loan response are taken into account in this category.
  • Alfibility:In this section, interest rates, sanctions and interest rates are measured in this section of the score.Lower and less potential sanctions lead to a higher score.
  • Customer experience:This category covers customer service hours when online applications are available, online account access and mobile applications.

Editorial distribution: All reviews are prepared for employees.It is correct at the time of the review.Complete the data on the top of this page and on the website of the lender to obtain the latest information.

on this page

on this page

  • Just look
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • You qualify
  • In the details
  • What we like and what we don't like
  • How to contact Sofi
  • How to apply
  • Sofi properties
  • Frequent questions
  • Our qualifications
  • methodology

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