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SofiPersonal loanHave all the standard features of a five -star loan: zero rates, a variety of loan amounts and flexible reimbursement conditions.

But this lender eclipses the competition with a series of special advantages.Sofi lovers have access to free professional and financial advice, unemployment protection, patrimonial planning discounts, transfer bonds and a mobile application.

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Sofi loan at a glance

Where Sofi highlights personal loans and neglects

How to qualify for a personal loan from Sofi

How to request a personal loan from Sofi

How to compare sofi loans -Personal

How we evaluate sofi loans -Personal

Sofi personal loans at a glance

At least loan score



8,99% - 23,43%.




5.000 bis 100.000 US -Dollar.

Refund conditions

2 to 7 years.

Time to finance after approval

Financing the same day.

Availability of loans

Loans available in all countries.


Fixed interest rates of 8.99% of APR to 23.43% APR reflect the 0.25% autopay discount and a direct deposit discount of 0.25%.Change the previous notice.Not all rates and quantities in all states.It depends on a variety of factors, including the evaluation of your solvency, your income and other factors.It will be achieved from a savings or current account. Page deductions from a saving or current account.

Where Sofi attracts personal loans

No fees.Sofi does not calculate anyOrigin rate, Destination rate or advance payment rate.According to online creditors, real loans are rare for zero fir loans.

Term availability.Refund conditions vary from two to seven years;These are more semiannual options than most online creditors.With more options, you can prioritize less general interest for a shorter term or a lower monthly payment with a longer perspective.

Various discounts.Borrowers can qualify for several discounts that can reduce interest costs.A discount of 0.25 percentage points is available to establish Autopay.An additional discount of 0.25 percentage points can ask the borrowers to have a monthly initial payment of at least 1,000 USD for a sofi current account.If the loan is intended for debt consolidation, borrowers can receive another discount of 0.25 percentage points because Sofi can pay creditors directly.

Common loans.PERVAWS can add a CO applicant to your application.If you add someone with better loans or higher income, you can improve the qualification possibilities or a lower price.Common loansBoth are responsible for paying the loan.

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Unemployment protection.If you lose your job while paying your loan, you can request the Sofi unemployment protection program.After approval, Sofi is in line with his loans and changes his monthly payments.At this time, the interest continues to increase, but can only make interest payments to prevent its capital from increasing.

Professional and financial advice.Sofi offers borrowers access to individual conversation training to help with work, with career and personal brand crosses, and customers can also receive free financial advice and reduced patrimonial planning services.

Mobile application to administer your loan.Borrowers can use the Sofi mobile application to verify the available interests, request a loan and pay payments.

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Where sofi is neglected

High minimal loan:Sofi loans start at $ 5,000, which could be too high for borrowers to finance a small project or other minor costs.

No safe credit option:Borrowers cannot ensure a SOFI loan with guarantees such as a car or a savings account.A safe loan could help you get a lower annual percentage.

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How to qualify for a personal loan from Sofi

Most lenders have basic requirements and some have financial requirements or recommendations.

To request a personal loan from Sofi, you must:

  • At least 18 years.

  • An American citizen, a constant or non -permanent resident, including DACA receptors and asylum seekers.

  • Employee, have enough income or an job offer to start within the next 90 days.

Sofi has no specific solvency or income requirements for applicants.To qualify it, the lender evaluates all their cash flow, their financial history, credit history and additional factors.

Sofi's average borrower has a solvency of at least 700, and the most common loan purposes are the consolidation of credit cards, home repairs and emergencies.

Before applying

  • Review su credit.CanGet your free credit toand nerdwallet o andAnnual Credit helps you recognize and correct errors before applying.

  • Calculate your monthly payments.Use aPersonal loan calculatorTo determine which AP and reimbursement time should receive a loan with affordable monthly payments.

  • Plan for a plan to pay the loan.Verify your budget to see how monthly loan payments affect your cash flow.If you have to reduce other costs to pay the loan, it is better to know before borrowing.

  • Collect your documents.Sofi requires an income test that can be a W-2 or Paystub, as well as an advertisement certificates and a social security number.If these documents are willing to grab, you can accelerate the application process.

How to request a personal loan from Sofi

These are the steps to request a sofi loan.

  1. Classify in advanceOn the Sofi website or the mobile application.You will be asked how much you want to borrow and what are the media, as well as some personal information, such as your names, your status and email.The lender asks about information about his income and his job before he can address loan offers in this phase there are not a hard loan.

  2. Prior view of loan offers and accept that it fits your budget.Once you have accepted a loan offer, you will present aPersonal loan application.This may require more documents, such as W-2, pay Stubs and banking states to confirm the information it has given during the previous qualification.

  3. Plan for a plan to pay the loan.Sofi informs the payment to the three large loan offices, so that specific payments help build their solvency, but lost payments will affect this.Manage your loan payments.

Verify prices in Sofi

Compare Sofi with other lenders

Personal lenders offer different interest rates, loan amounts and special functions. Therefore, it is worth weighing their options.The best personal loan is usually the lowest APR.

Landingclub and Lightstream are online loans that offer a series of sizes and loan conditions such as Sofi.But non -purpose Sofi loans and the unique advantages for borrowers can be a solid option for qualified borrowers.

Sofi against the Loan Club

Sofi and Landing Club are solid creditors for debt consolidation.Sofi loans have minimal loans amounts than the loan club, and although Leding Club offers smaller loan amounts, loans are delivered with a rate of origin.

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Sofi vs. Lichtstream

Like Sofi, Lightstream has a wide range of loan amount and without rates.However, Sofi offers advantages for borrowers such as unemployment protection and prequalification option.With a longer payment time, Lightstream can be a good option for borrowers who wants to finance a project to improve the house.

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How we evaluate sofi loans -Personal

Nerdwallet writers evaluate lenders against a section that changes every year, depending on the development of personal loan products.We have had priority this year:


Evaluation in stars



Loan flexibility

Customer experience


Category definitions

Alfibility:An affordable loan includes competition interests, without incoming rates or prepaid payments and interest discounts for cars.

Transparency:A transparent lender includes soft credit verifications and credit reports, as well as clearly shown interest rates, conditions and rates.

Learning flexibility:A flexible loan contains options to change expiration payment dates.Various types of loans, amounts and conditions;and refinancing options.

Customer experience:A good customer experience includes customer service available and comfortable, mobile applications and financial training.

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