Top 10 Business Coaches and Mentoring Groups to Help You Grow Your Financial Planning and Wealth Advisory Business | (2023)

If you are in financial planning, you are in a very competitive field. Fortunately, you are also in a very lucrative field. There are many things you can do to help your business thrive, including leveraging the variety of resources available today. You're already in the consulting business, so you'll appreciate more than most the valuable information and support that adding a business coach to your contact list provides.

Business coaching is something that different organizations and individuals can benefit from in different ways. Some financial advisors are great at what they do but not so good at the administrative tasks or fundamentals required to start a business. In other cases, they may need help with marketing, engagement strategies, or other areas where a coach or group of coaches could be helpful.

Almost any financial planner or wealth advisory firm can benefit from business advice and training when obtained from the right sources. No matter how good your business is, you can always improve. However, there is also the payment factor here: some business coaches charge a significant fee for their services and there are companies who may not be able to make this type of investment.

Ultimately, you must decide what works best for your organization. If you decide to hire a trainer, you are sure to reap many valuable benefits, from increased productivity and profits to better business strategies and more. In general, hire a trainer when:

  • You're just getting started and need help getting set up and running
  • Has been in business for a while but has stalled
  • You want to grow, whatever the current situation of your business, and you want support.

Hiring a coach can help you with many aspects of your business, including finding the motivation to take charge of your success and growth in a whole new way. The trainers also help by providing:

  • clarity and trust.The coaches give you a clear perspective on your business and help you build trust by letting them in. You will tell them things you wouldn't tell anyone else and allow them to see your business inside out so they can offer the best. Coaching advice and support. You essentially become another pair of eyes that any business can use.
  • Objective advice and comments.When you give feedback and advice, you don't have to worry about a business coach glossing over it or giving you the "good version". They will also not agree with you just to make you happy. You will be honest and objective. They will surely tell you what is best for your business, no matter how much you like it or not, and no matter how difficult it may be.
  • Responsibility.A business coach will hold you accountable for every aspect of your business and how it works. They will keep you on track and help you learn more about building a successful business by embracing your mistakes and committing to continuous improvement. If you're really looking for someone to get your business up and running, a coach could be the ideal solution.
  • A soundboard.A coach can be someone you go to, even if you just want to share ideas with someone. They'll help you brainstorm, listen to your ideas, provide feedback, and anything else you need. You can even just listen and let them figure it out for themselves if that's what they want.

No matter what you want from a trainer, you will find many benefits. Plus, it gives your team the opportunity to educate themselves, gain a better corporate culture, and more. You can build a brand, develop your audience and prospect base, and design and implement new business strategies to ensure you get the development results you deserve.

Top 10 Business Coaches and Training Groups for your Financial Planning or Wealth Advisory Firm

1. Susanne Muusers

Suzanne Muusers is the founder of Prosperity Coaching and has been providing coaching support to financial advisors for over 17 years. She helps companies build their business by improving their business planning strategies, prospecting methods, and branding efforts. She understands that you need a bespoke solution and that your business needs to stand out from the rest, which is why she starts building your individual brand. Then it helps in improving lead generation and business development and also provides ongoing training and support. She helps him build a professional company and learn how to build a business that keeps growing and attracting new customers.

2. Carson-Training

Carson Coaching will help you better serve your clients, grow your business, and create the best strategies to sustain and grow your financial advisory business. You will be able to identify and overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from succeeding and learn more about how to succeed in the executive business world. The online program offers video-on-demand training, forms, worksheets and online articles and blogs, live webinars, forums and more. Plus, get one-on-one support from a personal business coach when you upgrade to the larger package, or you can choose to create a custom solution to suit your needs.

3. Steve's Glove

Steve Mitten is one of the most recognized trainers in the industry and has worked with hundreds of financial clients over the years. He has been in business and consulting for over 30 years and is certified as an ICF Master Coach. He has served on several boards over the years and is a published author and well-known speaker. He donates much of his time to mentoring others with his coaching skills and offers all of his coaching clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee. He says he'll give you an immediate refund if you don't get "significant value" from every workout. According to the reports, this doesn't seem to be a problem.

4. Regarding the customer

Clientwise is a training and advisory group designed specifically for financial planners and wealth advisors. They understand the goals of these companies and the importance of creating a sustainable and profitable organization. They can help with all types of needs, from productivity and strategy to leadership development, team development, client relations, succession planning and strategies, and more. You can start by simply telling them what your goals are and they will match you with a coach to help you achieve the results you want. You will find an online community where you can also connect with others during your training and all trainers are certified by the International Training Federation (ICF).

5. Resilient Advisor

Resilient Advisor offers a range of advisory and advisory services for financial planning and wealth advisory firms. They have a consulting program designed to help you define a customer contact system, a company brand and story, a systematic growth program, and train your company's leaders to take things to the next level. They'll conduct a comprehensive analysis of the business, then help you strategize to remove the biggest roadblocks and make improvements to your customer relationships, operations, and future growth and scaling efforts. The website offers transparent pricing information so you can also easily see what you are getting for the money.

6. Ach

This organization is all about helping you change your behavior to change your financial business. They focus on collaboration and brainstorming to help you think big and break out of the rut to grow in ways you never thought possible. It's hard to change and the trainers in this organization understand that. They also understand how to help you get there so you can see real results of your efforts. You'll work on things like responsibility, routine development, skill development, and expanding your comfort zone so you can continue to find new opportunities for growth and higher income. They offer everything from one-on-one training and group training to online programs and on-demand courses in their Digital Learning Center to ensure you get the training you need, in the format you want.

7. CEGs around the world

CEG Worldwide has helped countless financial advisors and wealth management firms attract bigger and better clients and grow their businesses in a variety of ways. They are focused on building a business by serving fewer clients who are more valuable and changing the way you think about your wealth management business. They help you determine where you want to go and how to get there, and give you the tools to take your consulting business to the next level. They have one-on-one training solutions and a variety of other training options to take care of whatever you need.

8. Institute of Selected Advisors

The Select Advisors Institute is one of the best sales training resources you will find online today. They offer brand support and messaging, succession planning and much more. They work primarily with financial advisors, accountants and law firms, so you can rely on their expertise for your own needs. They offer an introductory session where you can discuss your needs and see what they can do to help and there are many videos on their website to inspire you to seek your own training from their organization. Amy Parvaneh founded the organization in 2013 when she left the company to pursue her passion for coaching. There are one-on-one coaching programs as well as other solutions for organizations and businesses of all sizes.

9. Jay Abraham

Having helped over 10,000 clients, Jay Abraham is by far one of the most well-known and successful business coaches alive today. He is passionate about helping companies, including financial ones, grow their success and build their business to get to the next level faster and help them find the seven figure lifestyle with ease. Offering a variety of books and online resources, it focuses on hacking the system to scale growth and find new revenue stream opportunities. He has been consulted for all types and sizes of businesses, including several multi-billion dollar brands. He is also the founder and CEO of the Abraham Group.

10. About Ravi Raman

Ravi Raman is an executive business coach who is familiar with coaching because he sought it himself to advance his career. He worked in the corporate world for several years, rose to various high-level positions and now teaches others how to use their own potential and manage their professional success. He has helped thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and businesses, realize their full potential and find opportunities for growth and success.

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Top 10 Business Coaches and Mentoring Groups to Help You Grow Your Financial Planning and Wealth Advisory Business | (1)

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