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TOP 2,614 Sofi reviews (1)

Kevin's Chicago, andVerified examiner

Original rating: February 3, 2023

I was denied a personal loan with a creditworthiness of 817 after Sofi explained that they could not check my identity.After following the Sofi, they stated that some changes had to be made and updated that I met.Loans were added to the virtual suspension.Sofi doesn't care about it.A formal bank complaint with the federal government and also suggests it!

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TOP 2,614 Sofi reviews (2)

Michael de São Francisco, CaVerified examiner

Original rating: December 8, 2022

Terrible.They steal their identity and make it impossible to speak to a person.I have no information about these people.I made several calls to remove my information, and yet get and get and get fraudulent e -mails.

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TOP 2,614 Sofi reviews (3)

Original rating: November 11, 2022

I did a payment week weeks ago that still "hangs".I cannot make any further payment while there is a trailer.With robots or support, people can solve the problem.This software defect influences my creditworthiness.In a few weeks I will pay interest for this remaining amount that I cannot pay, it's not a mistake for me.Financial institutes (all others I have worked with) with Sofi, you cannot download your transactions for use in the accounting software.The website is slow.The application is slow.

Reward points can only be saved via the app.If you want to use them to buy shares, the shares you want to buy have my own stock from Sofi to redeem points.The next time I got it ... it is only by chance, I assume that more software errors are.There are other errors with points solution that probably give twice what was intended under certain circumstances.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I am.I I want to report the error, but the support is very limited.Waiting is distorted because it is reinforced again under 11 and then by the telephone system.If the waiting song disappears, it will turn off after a minute or more.It happens.You will never achieve the support of the next stage ... if this exists.Now I use public humiliation to receive support.Please don't give me the free number that is clearly useless.

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TOP 2,614 Sofi reviews (4)

Richardson Matthew, TXVerified examiner

Original rating: October 16, 2022

After I have reported fraudulent activities on a debit card, I can no longer get money back from an ATM (Allpoint no longer responds to virtual transactions with "partners"), no purchases for -Line can make some of my invoices or most of the invoicesAll day of all daily purchases if dealers have no POS system that Apple Pay takes.No physical card, I tried to get the number to complete these transactions, but nobody in Sofi offers importable to the conclusion of debit cards Sofi refuses to optimize a card so that you are waiting for 10 working days to one of the above mentioned aboveTo create articles.In order to omit this transfer of this account to an external account, at least 2 to 3 working days takes an attempt to sabotage, as a reliable bank tries.I would not recommend contacting support with a problem until you move your money from C, otherwise it will be held hostage and you can be responsible for the rest.

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TOP 2,614 Sofi reviews (5)

Paulo de Dover, NHVerified examiner

Original rating: September 4, 2022

*Sofi -Foils version -Affiliate links make people a lot of money to recommend Sofi -but Siffi seems to be extremely risky to trust their money.Business practices and Sofi support were so broken that they refused to take mine millions of dollars due to failure.If Sofi processes are so bad that you cannot take my money, what happens if your systems and processes don't try to manage or postpone my money?

*Long version - intro - I am an aging software developer and wanted to clean my retirement and my financial institution.Better my wife and I, we have accounts with Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, Merrill Lynch, Janus Henderson, USA and more.And none of the platforms of these other companies impressed me.They were awkward, fragmented, and when I saw Sofi's view of having a modern platform with a comprehensive portfolio of financial services in order to include the bank/review/account, the bank bank, did that really include interest?I am all, let's make the bank account, invest in account, credit card, see what you quote for insurance companies, configure the entire business.

*Chapter 2 - I configured the Sofy Relay Service and worked very well.I have linked almost all of my accounts and credit cards and liked what I saw for the resources.There is my creditworthiness (812), 3.5 million assets.Good.*Chapter 3 SHTF Time - Bank account Time - Name, Address, Thu, SS# - Apply ... Negado.OK, not a big thing.-I call support.Support to the robot ... great, tap my SS a #... and 'Your app was rejected' ... not even a person.I will scrape up in your support section ... what to do if you are denied.

What the respectable banks are currently doing is to say why they are rejected (always identity examination) and offers a way to check their identity.Other banks that have not failed did it until:
1.) Allow me to upload my passport, the license, the SS#card, bank statements, the birth certificate, etc.

2.) Fewer technology companies gave me a paper form that my local bank has filled out by the "Medallon 'Signature Garantia" process, in which my local bank manager can analyze and say all the requested forms of identification, yes, the person before thePerson before I am the one who says and we have set up an official seal in the documentation for the postpost.

*Ok, I'm with a stone wall, just for a moment, right?You can't be so terrible not to open an account.The time is money here, my wife fills the bank order that has the same credit score, address, all finances shared for 22 years -while we solve the problem of the Sofi system with my information.Approval - bank account opened in your name.God, she was able to waste hours here ...) Now she is a customer with a bank account.leave.

*Chapter 4 - 3 weeks later - $ 6000 in direct deposits on the account and 5 support later.The support has given us very consistently, there is no way to scale or solve, and some of them have lied to us as I could do it to hang up.I wanted to love Sofi so much and strengthen my entire financial measurement for her.I am grateful that I am not changing now that you know that you are.* Failure of the bonus - during the timeline I also tried to open an investment account with you ... You could not transfer from the same bank/the same account, with which my wife opened the Sofi Bank account after 15 days to solve the same symbol of errors and without communication or the way in which the problem with your system is again.They are consistent for less, right?-I are now lucky to take my money now!

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TOP 2,614 Sofi reviews (6)

In Joshua, oee, uVerified examiner

Original rating: August 9, 2022

I called to change my payment date from 5th to 24th.Relieved enough.And then turn it on after 5th place.So I would be released on the 24th.So I did that.I could not switch on the automatic payment.So I call customer service.Here things go south.If your report is considered by default, you will be sent directly to the collections, no matter what happens.I was never treated so badly.I explained what happened to them.

They didn't care.They took care of 1 thing.This was to receive my payment ... I asked to speak to a manager or customer service.Or honestly someone except collections.They took care of me.They just wanted one payment and it is painfully obvious that they were trained to pursue a payment aggressively, no matter what happens.So I made my alleged payment in default.Then she asked to speak to another department.They told me that it could take up to 5 days for the payment to be paid.And until then I would be redirected to collections and could not speak to someone else.This is really crazy ... I would recommend staying away from this company.When I told the collector's agent that she was not satisfied.They started their professional speed."Thank you for calling Sofi and have a good day, etc."They were the aggressively rude people I have already spoken to.I am very disappointed.

Sofi answer

No -joshua,

We regret to know your problems with maintaining your loan.

Our mission is to help you achieve your money with the best customer service in this category.We are disappointed to find out that it is too short.

Contact our (subject from pilots) so that we can examine your concerns and treat your comments in full.For an accelerated answer, you can use your Sofi account via the account of the contact forum via your Sofi account with the title "Contacts" reach "contact" contact "contact" contact "contact" of the CEO "and our committed team can accompany you.

We all appreciate feedback and make sure that it is sent to our maintenance teams with which our agents are trained.

We look forward to hearing you soon, and thank you for dedicating your time to your evaluation.

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TOP 2,614 Sofi reviews (7)

Jeremy de Riverside, isVerified examiner

Original rating: July 20, 2022

I was thrilled when I found out about Sofi last month because they offer great products - theoretically.In reality, I still couldn't enjoy some of the advantages I received.


- Sofi Banking pays some of the best interest rates: 1.5% (with direct deposit) in July 2022. Bonus up to $ 300 based on the direct amount that was paid within the first 30 days.

- Sofi Credit Card pays 2% in cash in all transactions.In the first year (or $ 12,000 that happens first), there is an advertising rate of 3%) if you have a direct down payment for sofi banking.


.Wasted a week, asked me to only install the latest version of the app.Finally, a representative canceled one of the cards for me and placed a suitable technical ticket.It was shown every month and they did not fix them.The ACCT manager confirmed that I will not get any points, you have to write it back as soon as the problem has been resolved.Iledi, to talk to someone more veteran, but the ACCT manager says: "There is no one about me who looks against the customer and would be able to speak to them".

- At June 26th, I received a notification that the bank interest was previously 1.25%.In June 30, they sent one and e -mail in which the increase was announced prematurely came into force on the 28th.

- On June 29th I received an e -mail and said that they found in early June that "the reimbursement rate was incorrectly reduced from 3% to 2%".

If you want to risk doing business with Sofi, check all of your accounts and triple all of your accounts !!!

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TOP 2,614 Sofi reviews (8)

My Lord should help, slalVerified examiner

Original rating: June 28, 2022

Sofi asked me for a not guaranteed loan.I signed up with my creditworthiness 805.Dain 24 hours I was informed that they worked on it. 48 hours later they asked double documentation of what was sent + a copy from my obedeci.The point to ask for access to my IRS recordings 72 hours.I would have liked to see the comments in this company before.Time and impact on my questions.

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TOP 2,614 Sofi reviews (9)

John de Kansas City, MoVerified examiner

Original rating: June 14, 2022

Transfer money to pay our home loan to determine that you cannot.But if you buy a house, you can.This is not a royal bank !!!Real banks can handle such things.Very disappointing like this.

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TOP 2,614 Sofi reviews (10)

Pamela de Sugar Land, TXVerified examiner

Original check: May 29, 2022

It is almost 5 weeks to obtain a personal loan of 5,000 US dollars, and these people continuously request the same information.Another thing.Customer service is good, but you don't know what you do during this time will ask when it is my return for me to write a letter all the time you need.

I have to make all the phone calls and ask what you need the most, and you will not tell me anything, it will be examined and the next time I call you something else.I would never do this place again.I didn't get anything.Are you afraid that I will not pay the monthly payment because I have no work for 3 months or are afraid that I will not go back to work?Every call.

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